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About Us

"Welcome to Sudaco - your partner in professional success!

Formed in 2020, we are a dynamic consultancy firm that specializes in helping business professionals achieve their career goals. Whether you're looking to start a new career, advance in your current role, or simply enhance your skills, we're here to help you reach your full potential.
Our team of experienced consultants is dedicated to providing customized and innovative solutions for each of our clients. We believe that every professional is unique and deserves a personalized approach to their professional development. That's why we take the time to understand your goals, strengths, and areas for improvement, and develop a customized plan that's tailored specifically to you.

At Sudaco, we're passionate about empowering professionals to reach their full potential. We believe that with the right training, guidance, and support, anyone can achieve their dreams and make a meaningful impact in their field. That's why we offer a wide range of programs and services, including professional studies, career coaching, and more.
So if you're ready to take your professional life to the next level, join the Sudaco family! We can't wait to help you achieve your dreams and make your mark in the world. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your professional goals."


Who We Are

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Founder & Managing Director
Sujany, a distinguished graduate of St. Aloysius College in Mangalore with a Bachelor's in Commerce specializing in Sales & Marketing, began her career as an International Education Advisor for Winny Immigration and Education Services Pvt. Ltd. With a passion for education and a drive to succeed, Sujany quickly made a name for herself, earning the respect and trust of her clients.

Two years into her role, Sujany was appointed as a Project Consultant for Unified Brainz Virtuoso, where she led the creation of India's first-ever Speaking Coffee Table Book, a state-of-the-art digital publication utilizing Augmented Reality technology. The book, a collection of biographies of the most esteemed individuals from the state of Rajasthan, made history by being listed in the World Book of Records, London.

Building on her success, Sujany went on to consult for Confederation of International Accreditation Commission (CIAC), conducting research, nominations, and evaluations for Honorary Doctorates. With over 7 years of experience as a consultant, Sujany founded Sudaco Group in 2020, where she continues to provide expert guidance and support to those in need.

"Daniel Salter is a world traveler and passionate creator with a diverse background in travel, the arts, and photography. He kicked off his career as a travel consultant, which granted him countless opportunities to explore destinations near and far. In 2006, he was offered a role as a travel coordinator for a Westend and Broadway theatrical production company, where he quickly rose the ranks to Personal Assistant to the Producer and Company Director. This position took him on a global journey, from the bustling cities of the US and Canada to the stunning landscapes of Australia and New Zealand, and everywhere in between.

Daniel's love for the arts and media was fueled by his time in Hollywood, where he worked at the highest level in the entertainment industry and built a network of contacts. Now, as Head Administrator for Sudaco Group, Daniel brings his unique blend of creativity and expertise to the table. He oversees the verification of documents and processing of applications, while also managing the daily operations of the company with skill and precision. Get ready to be inspired by this global adventurer and creative mastermind."


Dr. Usman Zafar
Dubai, UAE

Executive Chairman at World Business Hub (WBH) President at IBU Investments LLC

Dr HC J Eliselma
H.E. Dr. O. Favour Ayodele, Africa 

Cultural Director of WOFP for Mexico, Central America and Caribbean Countries.

Founder/ Chairman BoT AIRO, Vice-President World Economic Forum West Africa, Asia-Africa WEFAA

Dr Sobhi Sulieman Agha,Saudi Arabia

Group Chief Marketing officer at SAB Investment.

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WhatsApp Image 2023-03-09 at 17.52_edited.jpg
Dr. Alicia Culbert - Broad of Advisor .jpg
Dr. Hisham Sherif 

Dr Arquimedes

Dr Alicia Culbert 

Chief information Officer 
Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait

Director in various areas of the Government Secretariat stands out, as well as General Director of State Civil Protection.

Independent Advisor/Consultant 

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